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In order to reach the setting for Zendesk follow the steps below:

  1. Go to URL: and use your usernamne/password
  2. In order to activate the chat and phone you need to click on the icons for these 2:


Click on the phone icon   2.pngand click online, same for chat icon 3.png 

for the chat icon you need to choose online option, see picture: 4.png 

3. In order to see the settings for the phones and what calls you want to take and arrange it from there, follow steps should be taken: 5.png

- Click on setting icon 6.png

- Click on groups 7.png

After you choose the support group you want to add yourself in, for the moment we have options as Denmark support and Sverige support:


Click on edit for the group you want to change


Here you have the option to click on agent that should take the calls, as picture show below only agent Anders have access to Danish phone, If you choose Stefan as well and click UPDATE GROUP both agents will have access to Danish phone:


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