How to install the module on OpenCart

Once the file is uploaded and saved on your computer, you need to upload 2 files via FTP and one file in backend.

1: Download the module and open the folder called:  vconnectsystems-am-opencart-dk


2: The two files (marked in red in the picture underneath), needs to be uploaded to FTP


3: Once this is done, FTP will tell you that the files was transferred successfully

Next step is to upload the file: all_in_one.ocmod.xml, to backend.

4: Go to backend > Extension Installer > Upload and choose the file showed on the picture above.


5: After this, find the module in your OpenCart backend via "Modules". Here you can activate the module.



Now the module is ready to be setup. Find a guide for that here: How to setup the module in OpenCart

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