How to setup the module in Magento

In order to set up the module in Magento, please go through the steps below:

Once you have uploaded the file to your FTP server, it will be available in your backend as well.

Keep in mind that you need to use a new API key and new License Key.

  • PostNord API key you need to order from:
  • The licence key you receive from vConnect in an E-mail once you order the module.
  • Here's a guide to create a Google API key 

1. Go to: System > Configuration


2. On the left side go to sales > Shipping Methods


Here you will have the options to set all the things you want to add on your website in terms of delivery, prices etc.

 3. Add all the shipping methods you would like to offer on your web shop.

  • Enable (YES) if you want to add it, Enable (NO) if you don't wish to use the method on your web shop.
  • Method name: Write a name that will be shown on the web shop.
  • Sort order: Choose in which order the methods will be shown on your web shop.
4. Set up the prices and weight

You can add as many prices/weights as you want, but it's important you always start with 0. (see example)

It's important that you set the last maximum price to an "infinite" number (ex. 10000000000), otherwise, if you only have up to ex. 2000, the customers will not be able to get delivery on orders above 2000. 

You add a new rate by clicking "add rate" to the right

Free delivery based on price

If you want to ex. have free delivery for orders above a certain price set it up like this (in this example free delivery for orders above 1000):

Free delivery based on weight

If you want to offer free delivery for orders above a specific weight, set it up like this (in this example free delivery for orders that weigh more than 50 kg): 

 - Remember to set the shipping fee at 0.00 in the price range where you want to offer free delivery


 5. Enable or disable Popup

 Go to PostNord - General > Enable Popup

Here you will have the option to choose if the methods should be shown as a Popup or not.

To have the Popup, choose Yes. If you want to disable it choose No.


Here's what it will look like on the web shop with the Popup


Here's how it will look on the web shop without the Popup




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