How to setup the PostNord module in PrestaShop

Log in to your Prestashop Backend and follow the wizard below:

Remember that you will need a new PostNord APi key and Google Maps API Key.

Instructions for PostNord API Key can be found at: How to create a PostNord API key

Google Maps API Key Guide can be found at: How to create Google Maps API Key


  1. From the frontpage of PrestaShop, go to -> Modules

  2. Click “installed modules”

  3. Find the All In One PostNord module and click “configure”

  4. Enter the API key and click “save”

  5. After saving, press “shipping” and then you enter to following page.

  6. Then select the delivery method you want to configure, and press "edit"

  7. Then you enter the following page where you choose the name of the delivery method, number of delivery days, etc. Once you have entered it, press "next".

  8. In the following step, set the delivery price. (In the example below, the purchase price is from 0 kr. to 1000 kr. set to 25 kr. (1) and purchase price over 1000 kr. Set for "free shipping" (2))

  9. You can always add more options by tapping "add new range"
    Finally press "next"

  10. Next step is if you want to set rules for size and weight.
    After entering the information or if you do not want to set rules for size or weight, press "next".

  11. In the final step, you will get an overview of how you've set it up and if you want it to be active (inable) or inactive (disable).
    Once you have chosen, press "finish"

  12. Then this delivery option has been set up and you are now back at the overview. Here you can choose to set up multiple delivery methods where you do the same as you have done with the above delivery option.

    Your module is now set up and ready for use.

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