How to setup the module in PrestaShop

                     How to set up the module in backoffice

1. First enter License email and License Key ( click save ) Keep in mind that you need to use an new API key and new License Key. API key you need to order from:

2. Add PostNord API Key in next field ( click save )

KEEP IN MIND that when you have saved the API keys this field if all is ok will go away, see picture below:

3. Next in General settings ( disable or enable after how you prefer it )

4. Next if you want to change available shipping methods is > backoffice > shipping > carriers

 ( click on this in order to change setting for your shipping )

5. There you can arrange all Shipping Methods as you prefer it, check pictures below:

Here you will find all shippings and deactivate/activate them as you wish, if you want to change price for some of them. Click on one option and you will have options as below:


How to create Google API key: Google API key


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