How to setup the module in WooCommerce v.2.5

 In order to setup the module in WooCommerce you need to do follow steps below:

1. When you have the module installed its time to set it up and arrange all settings and make it work out, go to:

  > WooCommerce > Settings 


2. Go to shipping > choose All - In - One

Keep in mind that you need to use an new API key and new License Key. API key you need to order from:

3. After this you need to add all details from the example below:


4. Once you have done this you will have options for each country as Denmark, Sweden, Norway etc to choose prices and name the shipping method after how you prefer it. In order to do this you need to choose country one by one as you will find in the example below:

All these options you will find in: Settings > All - In - One module

All methods/shipping you want to use you need to enable/disable. If you enable one method it will be online in your live site, if you disable it will not be in your live site, please find example below:


How to create Google API key: Google API key

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