How to setup the PostNord module in WooCommerce 3.x

When you have installed the module, you need to set it up, to get it to work. Follow the guide to setup the module:

Remember that you need to use a new License Key, PostNord API key and Google Maps API Key.

  • PostNord API keyyou need to order from:
  • The licence keyyou receive from vConnect in an E-mail once you order the module.
  • Here's a guide to create a Google API key


  1. Go to WooCommerce –> Settings
    Here you find the module, that needs to be activated before you can set it up with the last settings.

  2. Click “vConnect AIO settings”

  3. Add Email, License Key, PostNord API Key and Google Maps API key.
    And click “save changes”

  4. Click on “shipping”

  5. Click “add shipping zone” to add the countries you are shipping to.

  6. In “Zone name”, give it a name, f.eks. Denmark and click “save”.

  7. Click “add shipping method(s)” to add the delivery options you want to use in your webshop.

  8. Choose your delivery option

  9. Click “Add shipping method”

    Then you get back to the previous page

  10. Determine weight and prices
    Click on the shipping method du want to setup. (Here, you can also add shipping methods, by clicking on “add shipping method”)

  11. Then there comes up a popup window, where you can add all the prices/weights you want to, but it's important to always start with 0.00.

    Start with entering the delivery form (1)

    Then enter weight and max pris. It's also important that the last max price and max weight has an "infinite" number, (e.g. 100000000000). If you only write 2000 kr., your customers will not be able to get orders above 2000 kr. delivered. (2)

    where you can set up the shipping fees either based on weight or purchase amount. 
    Now you can add all the prices/weights you want to, but it's important to always start with 0.

    You can also set up the module so that you're able to offer free shipping, either based on weight or purchase amount.

    You can always add more shipping methods and prices. (3)

  12. Free shipping over a set amount
    If you want to offer free delivery on orders above a certain purchase amount, set it up like this (in this example free shipping on orders above 500 kr.)

  13. Free shipping with weights
    If you want to offer free shipping above a certain weight, you need to set up the module like this (in this example, free delivery on orders that weighs 10 kg or more

  14. Click “save changes”

    Now the module is set up and ready for use in you webshop. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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    The photos are of low quality and not visible. This is a big problem and the training is not enough and you have explained a lot. It is very difficult for me, who has just come to Sweden and is setting up an online store for the customer, to understand how this module works.
    please consider it


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