How to install our Shopify module

Postnord_rettet.png1. First go to site and log in with details.



2. Next step is go to Shopify in the left field and from there you choose a country as DENMARK or SWEDEN. Once you are in there its important to click ADD WIDGET 

3. In Add Widget you need to add all details from the live shop client have provided, keep in mind that all words on the shipping needs to be the same as in live site, if they are not they will not work out, see example below:

You can choose what kind of delivery client wants and the important thing is to add the same name for shipping in < SHIPPING METHOD > And always change OFF to ON for those shipping methods you want to activate. 

4. Once you are done with the creation of shippings, click CREATE WIDGET below and it will direct you to INSTALL IN SHOP. 

5. Look at follow picture below as example how the settings should be arranged:

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