How to install the PostNord module in Magento 2

The guide will help you install the PostNord module in your Magento 2 shop.

  1. Download the module as a ZIP file (add the fil to the desktop if needed)
  2. Extract the ZIP file
  3. Access File Zilla (or another FTP file manager) and connect your domain with Host, Username and Password

  4. Find your RAR file

  5. Right click on the file and click “Extract here”, which means that you are packing out the files, as shown on the picture below.

    A folder will appear. Click on the folder until you’ll appear in a “app” folder.

  6. Drag the “app” folder over in File Zilla (Or another FTP file manager) and over in the folder called “www.” As shown on the picture. (In some cases, the folder is called “HTML”)

  7. When the files is transferred, you will get a popup window, which looks like the picture below.

  8. After the transfer Is completed, you need to open your Magento 2 backend. Here you need to go to “SYSTEM” and then “Web Setup Wizard”.

  9. Then the “Setup Wizard” page will appear. Here you click on the “Component Manager”.

  10. Here you can enable all available modules including the on you just transferred.

  11. In case the Magento 2 is set up properly you’ll see all the notifications, that the systems runs correctly.

  12. After this you click “Next” then you can create a backup if needed.

  13. When you have created a backup (optional). You are ready to setup the system.
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