How to setup the PostNord module in Magento 2

Following guide will help you setup the PostNord module.

First, you need a PostNord API key and a Google Maps API key.

Guide to the PostNord API key can you find here: Hvordan du laver en PostNord API key
Guide to Google Maps API key can you find here: Hvordan du laver Google Maps API Key

  1. Open your Magento 2 backend and go to “STORES” and then choose “Configuration”.

  2. Scroll down and find “SALES”, here you choose “shipping methods”.

  3. The you will appear on the following page, where you click on “PostNord – General”

  4. Here you need to insert the PostNord API Key, Google Maps API Key and the license key you received in the mail from vConnect, when you ordered the module.

  5. Scroll further down on the site, where you enter the different information, under the delivery methods you want to use. You choose if it should be enable or disable, enter name on the delivery method, delivery time, weight and price etc.

    Price based on purchase price works such way that, in this example, it is stated that if the purchase price is between 0 kr. And 1000 kr. The delivery costs 50 kr. And if the purchase price is over 1000 kr., the delivery is free.
    (It is important that when you, as the example on the picture, put the delivery price of 0 kr. when the purchase price is over 1000 kr., that the “max price” as something infinite as customers otherwise will not be able to buy for a higher amount than what you have written).

    Price-based weighting works such, that in this example, it is stated that the weight of the purchased goods weighs between 0 kg and 5 kg, the delivery is free, and if the weight of the purchased goods weighs between 5 kg and 25 kg, the delivery costs 50 kr. (All this can be set up as you want).

    All the possible delivery options are listed sideways, so you just choose which one you want to configure and offer your customers.
    You can tap the different delivery methods and the tab will pop out, to close them press the same location and the tab will close again.

  6. Once you have filled in all the above information and set the desired delivery options, press "Save Config" in the top right corner and then the module is set and ready to use.


   7. Delivery to Europe

If you want the opportunity to deliver to other country’s you can follow this guide.
(You need to have installed the latest version of our PostNord module  

Go to Shipping Methods àPostNord General to configure the module


Now Configure PostNord Pickup method

1. Enable the method
2.Choose the country you will ship to
3.Fill in method’s name
4.Fill in method’s description
5.Fill in transit time
6.Add min price
7.Add max price
8.Add min weight
9.Add max weight
10.Add shipping fee
11.Add another rate
12.Delete row


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